Clean Your Shower Doors

To maintain the good clean look of your glass shower doors, you must remove water with a sponge, after every shower and clean regularly with different methods and detergents like: ceramic cleaner, toilet bowl cleaner, clear shampoo or lemon oil.  

How To Clean Your Kitchen Fast

Kitchens always look messy after cooking. As if a war has taken place in your kitchen. Nobody is ever in the mood for cleaning (apart from the people who suffer of OCD). Kitchens represent quite the challenge. It might sound surreal, but you can clean your kitchen in 5 minutes or so. There is no magic involved. You just need to be well organized. Set the timer first-just for the fun of it. Then gather all the dirty dishes from {Read More}

Car Headlights Toothpaste Cleaning

It’s time you cleaned those car headlights. They look dirty or worn out or covered in dirt. If you gave up hope of having car headlights that look brand new, there is some good news for you.  

10 Useful DIY Cleaning Tips

I try to stay organized but it is kind of hard to go to work, to exercise, to cook and to clean the house. I like to divide the chores with my boyfriend so we can enjoy each other’s company, have a clean house and have some free time left. I wanted to find different cleaning tips that will help me clean the house using natural ingredients that don’t damage my skin in any way and I also looked for {Read More}

Naturally Clean Your Toothbrush

Oral hygiene is very important. Some people seek the help of different mixtures to keep their toothbrushes clean while others simply go to the store and buy a new one. Be that as it may, but germs will still deposit on the toothbrush even if it is new. So what is there to be done concerning this aspect?  

How To Clean Barbecue Grill

If you follow some easy steps, it will be so easy to clean your grill! The barbecue grill can get very messy. It can get filled with dirt, pollen, dust and many other gross things. Try using an outdoor cleaner that works wonders on stainless steel.  

Air Conditioning Condenser Unit Cleaning

Make a habit out of cleaning your air conditioner unit, in order to increase durability and quality. Perform this once a year and you will be content with the result for a long period of time.  

Tips For Growing Cucumbers

You can’t imagine how many useful tips will help you grow a lot of cucumbers on your own. Try planting cucumbers with sunflowers to make them have a sweeter taste. If you like decorations, plant cucumbers near an archway. You can also grow cucumbers in one of those cute hanging baskets that you hang on fences. Add a string or a wire to help the cucumber grow better. You also have to water the cucumbers daily if you want to {Read More}