21 Inspired Ideas For This Summer

Summer is all about fun and relaxation. If you ran out of ideas but you want to do something different, maybe it’s time to let go of your worries and act childish, rebellious or just do what you want to do without thinking too much of the consequences. After all, it’s summer, you’re on holiday and nobody can blame you if you just want to unwind for a change. So maybe it’s time to plan a cool bucket list for {Read More}

28 Some Impressive DIY Summer Projects

Try to do something different this summer. If you have some spare time at your disposal, pick one of these impressive DIY summer projects that will really brighten your day and your house. The cool thing about these projects is that most of them are easy as pie. Since they aren’t too elaborate, you won’t need too much time to get things done. You can even ask your friends or your kids to lend a hand if you want to {Read More}

Growing Summer Squash

Summer squash (seeds or transplant) is planted in the late spring, when the soil is warm enough after the last frost (at least 65F). The seeds are sowed in hills, 3 feet apart. For a vigorous root, half of the hole in which the seeds are planted must be filled with compost.  

36 Perfect DIY Rings For The Summer

Who doesn’t want to sport new jewels during summer? Rings are sought during summer for all the obvious reasons. I have stopped wearing gloves and I want to highlight my perfect manicure with the help of some cool rings. It’s about time to shine and choose some cool DIY projects. This summer is blessed with so many trends that it becomes so hard to choose just one fashion style. Nevertheless, there are some amazing DIY projects that can help you {Read More}

22 Amazing DIY Summer Fashion Ideas

Sometimes, it gets pretty expensive to buy something that you really like. Some clothes cost more than they are really worth. You can always go to a thrift shop, pick some clothes and modify them till you achieve one inspired look. Or if you have some clothes that are lying in your wardrobe, you can use them and turn them into something cool. These DIY fashion ideas can really complete your wardrobe. You can try out different fashion styles and {Read More}