21 Inspired Ideas For This Summer

Summer is all about fun and relaxation. If you ran out of ideas but you want to do something different, maybe it’s time to let go of your worries and act childish, rebellious or just do what you want to do without thinking too much of the consequences. After all, it’s summer, you’re on holiday and nobody can blame you if you just want to unwind for a change. So maybe it’s time to plan a cool bucket list for {Read More}

20 Cute DIY Gifts For Your Boyfriend

When you shop for gifts you always have something special in mind that you want to buy to surprise your friends or your family. But things always get tricky when it’s time to choose a gift for your boyfriend. You already know so much about his hobbies and his tastes and it seems that no gift is good enough for him. If you plan on surprising your boyfriend and impress him with something that is totally unexpected, the best thing {Read More}

14 Inspired DIY Wedding Gift Ideas

Getting the perfect wedding gift is as tricky as it can possibly be. You have to find a gift that will be appreciated by both the bride and the groom. So this is why I find these DIY projects quite useful because they add a touch of originality to any wedding gift and they manage to impress the happy couple, too. These inspired DIY wedding gift ideas can be represented by home décor, jewels, wall art and on and so {Read More}

51 DIY Father’s Day Gift Ideas

My father’s birthday is approaching soon and I always find it difficult to find something that he really enjoys. Nothing seems to say much so I plan on choosing a DIY tutorial for father’s day. Fathers should be spoiled, too. Most of these DIY gift ideas for dads are so awesome. Some of them are cute, others are useful and all of them sort of say “I love you, dad” in such a heartwarming way. Dads may not show it {Read More}

17 DIY Furniture Decoupage Ideas

The decoupage technique is a relatively new trend when it comes to DIY projects. This amazing technique is quite simple and it can turn any piece of furniture into something splendid. I’ve started off with small objects like jewelry boxes and I have practiced the decoupage technique on them and then I’ve moved to bigger items like dressers, tables and whatnot. I recommend you do the same before you feel confident enough to move to bigger projects. But it’s quite {Read More}

43 DIY T-Shirt Ideas

Instead of wasting time in different shops and getting frustrated over the fact that some t-shirts don’t fit or they are too plain, you can take matters into your own hands and create some unique patterns for your t-shirt. I have found myself in search of the perfect DIY tutorials regarding upcycled t-shirts and I have discovered plenty of pertinent pieces of advice regarding fashion and t-shirt patterns in general. This is why I have decided to share some amazing {Read More}

37 Storage Room Ideas

These clever storage room ideas will impress so many people. I hate the idea of a crowded house so I do my best to make some room for different home décor items and for several pieces of furniture without taking too much space. These storage room ideas combined with some user friendly DIY tutorials are a great combo that can turn any house into a lovely home. These projects take a lot of things into consideration from organizing the space {Read More}

Painting With Watercolors

Colored crayons aren’t for kids only. You can come up with unique and beautiful designs and you can fill the shapes with colored crayons. You can use a white crayon on a blank page and you can draw different flowers, doodles, objects and then apply some paint over the designs with watercolors.  

15 DIY Wedding Invitations

An upcoming wedding is one of the most expected events in one’s life. There are a lot of things that you should take into consideration from the perfect wedding dress to the cool wedding invitations. A wedding can sometimes cost a lot of money so if you plan to save some money for the honeymoon and also have some personalized, unique wedding invitations you can try some of these cool DIY projects. I also dream of the perfect wedding and {Read More}

How To Make A Garden Fountain

In order to build your own garden fountain you need: vessel- the main attraction of the scenery, river stones and bricks, water pump, flexible tube, basin and water. Dig a large hole, insert the pool and cover the bottom with stones and the sides with red brick.