Clean Your Shower Doors

To maintain the good clean look of your glass shower doors, you must remove water with a sponge, after every shower and clean regularly with different methods and detergents like: ceramic cleaner, toilet bowl cleaner, clear shampoo or lemon oil.  

47 DIY Shoes Tutorials

Sometimes, I just run out of ideas and feel like throwing good shoes out because I’m bored of their simple pattern. We all feel this way at one point in our lives. Luckily, these DIY shoes tutorials will help you save a lot of money and change your shoes in such a way that you will feel that they’re a totally different pair of shoes. These tutorials vary when it comes to their complexity. You don’t have to be too {Read More}

How To Clean Your Kitchen Fast

Kitchens always look messy after cooking. As if a war has taken place in your kitchen. Nobody is ever in the mood for cleaning (apart from the people who suffer of OCD). Kitchens represent quite the challenge. It might sound surreal, but you can clean your kitchen in 5 minutes or so. There is no magic involved. You just need to be well organized. Set the timer first-just for the fun of it. Then gather all the dirty dishes from {Read More}

20 Cute DIY Gifts For Your Boyfriend

When you shop for gifts you always have something special in mind that you want to buy to surprise your friends or your family. But things always get tricky when it’s time to choose a gift for your boyfriend. You already know so much about his hobbies and his tastes and it seems that no gift is good enough for him. If you plan on surprising your boyfriend and impress him with something that is totally unexpected, the best thing {Read More}

Car Headlights Toothpaste Cleaning

It’s time you cleaned those car headlights. They look dirty or worn out or covered in dirt. If you gave up hope of having car headlights that look brand new, there is some good news for you.  

10 Useful DIY Cleaning Tips

I try to stay organized but it is kind of hard to go to work, to exercise, to cook and to clean the house. I like to divide the chores with my boyfriend so we can enjoy each other’s company, have a clean house and have some free time left. I wanted to find different cleaning tips that will help me clean the house using natural ingredients that don’t damage my skin in any way and I also looked for {Read More}

28 Some Impressive DIY Summer Projects

Try to do something different this summer. If you have some spare time at your disposal, pick one of these impressive DIY summer projects that will really brighten your day and your house. The cool thing about these projects is that most of them are easy as pie. Since they aren’t too elaborate, you won’t need too much time to get things done. You can even ask your friends or your kids to lend a hand if you want to {Read More}

DIY Sugar Scrub Cubes

Haven’t you ever wondered how sugar cubes are made? Actually, scratch that, pass this stage and try making sugar scrub cubes. That’s right, sugar scrub cubes. Why are they any better than regular soap? For starters, you get to mix the ingredients and supervise the entire “process”. The recipe that you’ll find here will help you make sugar scrub cubes that will make your skin be smooth. You can also create sugar scrub cubes that will give an exfoliating effect {Read More}

16 DIY Games That Are So Cute

If you want your kids to stop playing computer games for a while or to stop using their mobile phones or any other gadget, try a little old school approach. There are plenty of DIY games out there that will help you kids have fun, learn something and socialize with other kids their age. These DIY games can involve the entire family (and this is such a nice way to spend time with your loved ones). You can also make {Read More}

48 DIY Gifts For Mom

I can’t think of anything better than DIY gifts for mom. I always like to show my love by creating different handmade gifts for my mum. I think of something that she likes or that she needs and I’ll also compose a cute little message that can accompany my gift. These DIY gifts for mom are perfect for Mother’s Day or for your mum’s birthday party. Either way, you’ll pleasantly surprise your mom with a gift that comes straight from {Read More}