DIY Sugar Scrub Cubes

Haven’t you ever wondered how sugar cubes are made? Actually, scratch that, pass this stage and try making sugar scrub cubes. That’s right, sugar scrub cubes. Why are they any better than regular soap? For starters, you get to mix the ingredients and supervise the entire “process”. The recipe that you’ll find here will help you make sugar scrub cubes that will make your skin be smooth. You can also create sugar scrub cubes that will give an exfoliating effect {Read More}

16 DIY Games That Are So Cute

If you want your kids to stop playing computer games for a while or to stop using their mobile phones or any other gadget, try a little old school approach. There are plenty of DIY games out there that will help you kids have fun, learn something and socialize with other kids their age. These DIY games can involve the entire family (and this is such a nice way to spend time with your loved ones). You can also make {Read More}

Natural Homemade Makeup

A translucent powder costs around $25 or more. Even if you use a famous brand or a quality product, you still end up damaging your skin in the long run. If you want to use a powder made out of natural ingredients, you can try an interesting recipe for a homemade translucent powder that will give you a natural look. It is the perfect solution if you have an oily skin. And this wonder powder lasts you a whole day {Read More}

48 DIY Gifts For Mom

I can’t think of anything better than DIY gifts for mom. I always like to show my love by creating different handmade gifts for my mum. I think of something that she likes or that she needs and I’ll also compose a cute little message that can accompany my gift. These DIY gifts for mom are perfect for Mother’s Day or for your mum’s birthday party. Either way, you’ll pleasantly surprise your mom with a gift that comes straight from {Read More}

Clean Knives With Lemon Juice

No matter how well you clean your knives, some of them will end up having rusty spots all over the surface. There is a solution that works wonders; you won’t have to buy a new set of knives, you just have to soak the rusty knives in lemon juice for some minutes and then you can move on and scrub the knives with the scratchy surface of a sponge.  

46 DIY Necklace Tutorials

Everybody can’t help but love statement necklaces and handmade jewelry. The idea of wearing something unique has always been appealing for many fashion lovers out there. Most of these necklaces are very trendy and the best thing about them is that they can serve as accessories for many interesting outfits. I like to wear a necklace that is easy to add to any outfit, without having to worry that it might not go well with my fashion style. I don’t {Read More}

The Best Way To Clean Your Oven

When sick of using lots of toxic detergents and interested in trying other ways, here is a simple tip of how to clean your oven in the non-toxic way: Prepare a water-vinegar solution and place it into a sprayer!

31 Accessible DIY Projects For Your Home

The thing that I like most about DIY projects is that I get to decorate my house after great standards and have a trendy design at the same time. People choose DIY projects for two different reasons. Some want a cheaper alternative to redecorate their house and get to save money at the same time while others can’t find a particular item in any shop but they have brilliant decorating ideas that they want to put to use. It seems {Read More}

Organize Your Personal Files

As we tend to get lost in papers, keeping them all together and not finding what we search for in the right moment, we need to severely review our pile of documents and start organizing.  

14 Inspired DIY Wedding Gift Ideas

Getting the perfect wedding gift is as tricky as it can possibly be. You have to find a gift that will be appreciated by both the bride and the groom. So this is why I find these DIY projects quite useful because they add a touch of originality to any wedding gift and they manage to impress the happy couple, too. These inspired DIY wedding gift ideas can be represented by home décor, jewels, wall art and on and so {Read More}