Get Rid Of Stink Bugs

Summer bug invasion is troubling your gardening activity? You may try lots of solutions but here is one than you can prepare by yourself and gain control over your vegetable production!  

How To Keep Your Nails Clean While Gardening

If you enjoy gardening and you love having your hands in the fresh soil, certainly you won’t be wearing gloves. The only problem when doing this is the dirt entering under your fingernails.  

How To Prune Clematis

Clematis requires only vertical space, sunny just in the first half of the day. It can be planted until October and for a beautiful, repeated blooming it needs pruning at the right time of the year.  

DIY Paver Pathway

Nothing would look nicer than a paved path leading to your doorway. Making one is not such a difficult task, and you need: pavers, manufactured sand, polymeric sand, crusher run gravel and some common tools.  

How To Make A Garden Fountain

In order to build your own garden fountain you need: vessel- the main attraction of the scenery, river stones and bricks, water pump, flexible tube, basin and water. Dig a large hole, insert the pool and cover the bottom with stones and the sides with red brick.  

Growing Summer Squash

Summer squash (seeds or transplant) is planted in the late spring, when the soil is warm enough after the last frost (at least 65F). The seeds are sowed in hills, 3 feet apart. For a vigorous root, half of the hole in which the seeds are planted must be filled with compost.  

Garden Fresh Onions

If you don’t have a garden or if you can’t plant vegetables because the climate doesn’t allow a full growing season, there is a great solution that you might want to try. You can enjoy garden fresh onions by growing them…indoors! Isn’t that wonderful?  

Decorative Fencing Ideas

If you plan on making your garden be a little piece of heaven, here are some great ideas that will help you decorate the outdoors for the better. White picket fences can be found mostly anywhere so why don’t you try changing perspectives?  

Tips For Growing Cucumbers

You can’t imagine how many useful tips will help you grow a lot of cucumbers on your own. Try planting cucumbers with sunflowers to make them have a sweeter taste. If you like decorations, plant cucumbers near an archway. You can also grow cucumbers in one of those cute hanging baskets that you hang on fences. Add a string or a wire to help the cucumber grow better. You also have to water the cucumbers daily if you want to {Read More}