21 Inspired Ideas For This Summer

Summer is all about fun and relaxation. If you ran out of ideas but you want to do something different, maybe it’s time to let go of your worries and act childish, rebellious or just do what you want to do without thinking too much of the consequences. After all, it’s summer, you’re on holiday and nobody can blame you if you just want to unwind for a change. So maybe it’s time to plan a cool bucket list for {Read More}

28 Some Impressive DIY Summer Projects

Try to do something different this summer. If you have some spare time at your disposal, pick one of these impressive DIY summer projects that will really brighten your day and your house. The cool thing about these projects is that most of them are easy as pie. Since they aren’t too elaborate, you won’t need too much time to get things done. You can even ask your friends or your kids to lend a hand if you want to {Read More}

DIY Sugar Scrub Cubes

Haven’t you ever wondered how sugar cubes are made? Actually, scratch that, pass this stage and try making sugar scrub cubes. That’s right, sugar scrub cubes. Why are they any better than regular soap? For starters, you get to mix the ingredients and supervise the entire “process”. The recipe that you’ll find here will help you make sugar scrub cubes that will make your skin be smooth. You can also create sugar scrub cubes that will give an exfoliating effect {Read More}

16 DIY Games That Are So Cute

If you want your kids to stop playing computer games for a while or to stop using their mobile phones or any other gadget, try a little old school approach. There are plenty of DIY games out there that will help you kids have fun, learn something and socialize with other kids their age. These DIY games can involve the entire family (and this is such a nice way to spend time with your loved ones). You can also make {Read More}

Organize Your Personal Files

As we tend to get lost in papers, keeping them all together and not finding what we search for in the right moment, we need to severely review our pile of documents and start organizing.  

20 DIY Adorable Plushies

I love stuffed toys and even if I’m a grown up woman I can’t help but buy plushies and I either use them as home decorations or offer them as a gift. Stuffed toys can get really expensive so I searched for different DIY projects that allow me to create unique plushies. I enjoy offering handmade gifts because they come straight from the heart and because I work hard to create something beautiful. At the end of the day, I {Read More}

Homemade Pet Odor Spray

When having pets is difficult to maintain your place clean and fresh smelling all the time. Sometimes odor eliminators tend to lose effect and you find yourself back in the same smelly situation. In order to avoid it as much as possible, you can make your own odor eliminator with a few simple products: water, mouthwash and a dash of baking soda.  

43 DIY T-Shirt Ideas

Instead of wasting time in different shops and getting frustrated over the fact that some t-shirts don’t fit or they are too plain, you can take matters into your own hands and create some unique patterns for your t-shirt. I have found myself in search of the perfect DIY tutorials regarding upcycled t-shirts and I have discovered plenty of pertinent pieces of advice regarding fashion and t-shirt patterns in general. This is why I have decided to share some amazing {Read More}

Homemade Disinfecting Wipes

Make your own disinfecting wipes, using simple and practical elements like: good quality paper towel roll, plastic container with a lid, water, pine cleaning solution, or rubbing alcohol with lemon juice.  

DIY Liquid Hand Soap

If you’re not a big fan of bar soaps or if you want a liquid version of the bar soap that you use you now have the recipe that helps you turn a regular bar of soap into a liquid hand soap. And the recipe is quite simple, too. You just have to melt the soap with water and add a tad bit of vegetable glycerin, too. A bar of soap equals two liters of liquid hand soap which helps {Read More}