47 DIY Shoes Tutorials

Sometimes, I just run out of ideas and feel like throwing good shoes out because I’m bored of their simple pattern. We all feel this way at one point in our lives. Luckily, these DIY shoes tutorials will help you save a lot of money and change your shoes in such a way that you will feel that they’re a totally different pair of shoes.

These tutorials vary when it comes to their complexity. You don’t have to be too skilled when it comes to DIY projects. Just pay attention, follow every step and there won’t be anything to worry about. And most of all remember…to enjoy your “new” shoes.

1. Goodbye Salt Stains – Say goodbye to salt stains on your beautiful leather boots or shoes. This tutorial is such a life saver.
2. Beautiful Macrame Sandals – This summer looks so great. These summery macramé sandals will save you a lot of money and you’ll also keep up with the latest trends.
3. Kittycat Loafers – A chic lady would love these shoes. I think I’ll try this DIY guide out because it seems so awesome.
4. So Many Pretty Colors! – This is a clever way in which you can turn some plain looking sneakers into a pair of trendy footwear.

5. DIY Classy Bow Heels – I like classy shoes. These bow heels would go well with a pair of jeans or with the stunning, little black dress.
6. Shine Bright Like A Diamond – This is one of my favorite DIY projects! And can you blame me? These shoes look so beautiful.
7. Accessorize Your Shoes – These beads would go well with mostly any type of shoe. Dare to accessorize your shoes and give this DIY a go.
8. A Fast Trick – Instead of spending money on new shoes, use an old pair of shoes that still looks great and change it a bit following this short but useful guide.
9. A More Elaborate Design – Although this might take some time, the project is so simple. I have always liked wearing elegant ballerina shoes.
10. So Many Creative Ideas – This tutorial basically teaches you how to spray paint your shoes, how to apply glitter and how to attach lace on your shoes.
11. Ankle Fringe Shoes – I have seen a similar pair of shoes but it cost a fortune. I am happy that I can try this tutorial at home and save a lot of money.
12. Ombre Shoes Are Still In – Ombre hairstyles and shoes are still trending. This cool idea can be copied quite easily.
13. How You Can Customize Your Converse Shoes… – You can add rivets, glitter and any other fabric to your converse shoes. Follow this interesting DIY guide and pick one of the many choices that you can find there.
14. The Comic Book Fan – If you love comic books, you’ll adore this wicked tutorial.
15. Adding Fabric To Your Shoes – This is such a nice DIY guide that will help you customize any plain looking shoes.
16. Cute Flip Flops – These flip flops are perfect for this summer. The easy-to-do tutorial is magnificent.
17. The Classy Shoes – This elegant pair of sandals would match a lot of splendid dresses.
18. Chain Heels – Chain heels look so stunning. And the tutorial is as easy as pie.
19. Cute Flower Patterns – I am a sucker for flowery patterns. Especially during summer.
20. Upcycled Shoes – These eclectic heels are a hit. I love this idea and I think I’ll try it, too.
21. Bow Sandals – These sandals look classy and that’s not the best part yet. The DIY tutorial is so simple.
22. Galaxy Shoes – Put your creativity to the test and dye a pair of shoes in such a beautiful manner.
23. Sweet Kimono Baby Shoes – These little kimono baby shoes would make such a nice gift.
24. Flowery Patterns – Doodle your shoes to get a funky look.
25. Sewn Comfy Slippers – I like fuzzy slippers and I found the perfect tutorial to make a pair for myself.
26. Chain Heel Harness – If you plan on looking sharp, this DIY guide might help you get the perfect pair of heels.
27. Trick Everybody – These DIY lace socks can trick everybody into thinking that the lace is part of the shoes.
28. Reviving An Old Pair Of Shoes – A lot of ladies keep an old pair of shoes that they love. Why don’t you revive that pair of shoes using this tutorial?
29. Jewel Embellished Shoes – These Dolce& Gabbana inspired shoes are a hit.
30. Owls Are So Cute – This cute DIY project should be tried out.
31. We’re Not In Kansas Anymore – These Wizard of Oz inspired shoes are so beautiful.
32. Scarf Flats – I love flats that sport some fabric. This DIY tutorial is pretty neat.
33. Restyling Shoes – You will learn how to sew some cute patterns.
34. Felt Moccasins – These comfortable moccasins look so fashionable.
35. Dyeing Leather – This tutorial is very useful since it teaches you how to dye leather.
36. DIY Lace Pumps – These sassy lace pumps would highlight your sexy legs.
37. Barefoot Sandals – If you love the beach, you’ll love this barefoot sandals pattern.
38. Twinkle Shoes – If you are a fan of partying, these glitter shoes are the perfect shoe wear for clubbing.
39. Winged Shoes – I appreciate unique fashion styles, this is why I love these winged shoes so much.
40. Polka Dotted Flats – These funky looking flats are really something.
41. A Very Simple Tutorial – This tutorial is fast, simple and very reliable.
42. Adding Glamor To Your Shoes – Adding a few stars to your shoes can really help you highlight your outfit.
43. An Old Pair Of Toms – This is an idea of what you can do with an old pair of Toms.
44. Elastic Shoes – What I like about this tutorial is that it spares me from tying laces.
45. Some Awesome Pumps – These lace applique pumps look so sensational.
46. Tribal Patterns – Tribal patterns are definitely in.
47. Using Fabric Scraps – You can use fabric scraps to create a gorgeous pair of shoes.

47 DIY Shoes Tutorials

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