28 Some Impressive DIY Summer Projects

Try to do something different this summer. If you have some spare time at your disposal, pick one of these impressive DIY summer projects that will really brighten your day and your house. The cool thing about these projects is that most of them are easy as pie. Since they aren’t too elaborate, you won’t need too much time to get things done.

You can even ask your friends or your kids to lend a hand if you want to spend more time with them. And the beauty about many of these DIY projects is the fact that you can create gifts for your loved ones. Be creative, use your imagination and come up with some personalized gifts.

1. The Pirate Chest Cooler – I really adore this DIY summer idea. You just take an old cooler and turn it into this awesome pirate chest cooler. You can conceal an old cooler that still works and you can go to a picnic, a barbecue or at the beach with this amazing pirate chest. Talk about an awesome summer.
2. Summer Is For Travelling – I always choose to travel during the summer for all the obvious reasons. I have a lot of spare time and the lovely weather allows me to see a lot of beautiful things by foot. I stumbled across this cool DIY project that explains how you can take a photo in a certain country or state and then cut it following the shape of that said state and gluing it to the map. Pretty cool, isn’t it?
3. Summer Lovin’ – Summer is my favorite season and this is a nice way to show my appreciation for the lovely weather. These cool heart decorations would really make any wall simply shine. Go creative and choose some original patterns and textures for your hearts. Use some bright colors, too.

4. Lovely Tents And Teepees – If you have kids or you’re a child at heart just like me, why not engage into an awesome handmade project? Check out these awesome tents and teepees and choose one where you can escape from your daily chores and read a book or spend some quality time with your loved ones. You can place the tent in your garden or in the living room. It’s up to you.
5. Mirror, Mirror On the Wall… – I am fascinated with vintage mirrors. If you love crochet patterns, you’ll fall in love with this DIY project. Make a crochet mirror to brighten your walls. These mirror frames make the perfect home decorations.
6. It’s Time…For Summer! – This DIY chalkboard clock is so inspiring! You can paint any words that you like. Make sure that instead of the time you can paint some summer activities that you’d like to do.
7. Blooming Flowers – I am a big fan of sunglasses but I never seem to find some rims that appeal to me. So I take matters into my own hands and glue some cute handmade flowers to the rims. Shades are truly a must when it comes to summer accessories.
8. Love For Shorts – This heart shaped pattern can be easily done. I cut some heart shaped patterns then I spray painted my rolled shorts.
9. Looking For The Summer – Let’s take this bracelet for example. I can make one of my own. I just buy some strings, gather some sea shells, use some old buttons and come up with a summer bracelet that reminds me of the ea.
10. Colorful Dreamcatcher – I have a soft spot for dream catchers. I like to use colorful decorations for my home and this DIY tutorial for a heart shaped dream catcher is quite easy to follow. My summer nights are shaped like a heart.
11. Sweet Flower Beds – This decorative flower bed tutorial is also practical. The pine cones will keep the pets and kids away from the flower beds.
12. Cute Cinderblocks – You can paint some plain looking cinderblocks and write a cute message. These cinderblocks can serve as flower boxes.
13. A Neat Outdoor Seating – Summer can be so relaxing if you choose some awesome DIY projects for your garden. This outdoor seating seems pretty easy and beautiful.
14. Colored Patio Tiles – Color your patio using these cool tips. These colored patio tiles look so amazing.
15. A Cute Bird Feeder – You can repurpose an old chandelier and use it as a bird feeder.
16. A Bright Path – You can spray paint some pebbles with some glow-in-the-dark paint and create an interesting path that’s lighted during the night.
17. Sewing Pillows Together – This is such a fine tutorial. You can relax on a bed of pillows, have a picnic, read a book and many others.
18. The DIY Fence Table – I would like to try this tutorial out and use the fence table for some little pot plants or for barbecue.
19. The Outdoor Lantern – Any garden or patio can shine so bright under the moonlight thanks to this tutorial.
20. White Lace Shorts – I got to have these shorts. They are simply brilliant. The video tutorial is so inspiring.
21. Turn Shorts Into Skirts – This is such a cool DIY tutorial that you have to try this summer.
22. 3 Different Ways Used To Make Wire Wrapped Pendants – This is such a helpful tutorial. I love wire wrapped pendants.
23. Personalize Any Necklace – I like about this tutorial is that it basically teaches you to create any word (apart from the word “love”). So this versatile tutorial is really something that you should try out this summer.
24. How To Make A Bow Necklace – I tend to adore elegant jewelry like this bow necklace, for example.
25. DIY Collar Necklaces – These fine looking collar necklaces are so popular. I would have never expected this tutorial to be so easy.
26. Fabric Button Earrings – This quick video tutorial is so useful and I simply love it to bits.
27. Amazing Tribal Earrings – Tribal inspired jewelry will always look spectacular to me.
28. The Maxi Skirt – Every woman needs to wear a cool maxi skirt during summer. Go and make one for yourself just by following this inspired tutorial.

28 Some Impressive DIY Summer Projects

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