21 Inspired Ideas For This Summer

Summer is all about fun and relaxation. If you ran out of ideas but you want to do something different, maybe it’s time to let go of your worries and act childish, rebellious or just do what you want to do without thinking too much of the consequences.

After all, it’s summer, you’re on holiday and nobody can blame you if you just want to unwind for a change. So maybe it’s time to plan a cool bucket list for this summer and see what ideas appeal to you the most.

1. Go On A Trip – It’s time to save some money to go to a place that you’ve always dreamed about. And summer seems like the best season to make one of your travelling dreams come true. Your dream destination is out there waiting for you.
2. The Hunt – Grab your boyfriend or your kids and go on a cool hunt. Make a list with some unusual or funny items and search for them in groups. You can invite your family, friends or sweetheart and you can have tons of fun.
3. The Secret Garden – If you have a large garden, make use of it. Check out these cool DIY garden games and follow the instructions. Get ready to compete with your neighbors, friends and family. Who said that summer isn’t cool?

4. Friends Are Forever – Show your appreciation in a different way. If you want to surprise your friends, you can choose this DIY guide and create a beautiful friendship bracelet. Choose some summery colors for a cool twist.
5. Gigantic Bubbles – Nothing spells summer better than blowing bubbles outside. This cool recipe shows you that you can blow gigantic bubbles, too if you follow these easy steps.
6. Just Cool Off – These funny water balloons games are the perfect remedy for a hot day. You can play these games with your kids or with your friends. It’s all up to you. And there are plenty of games that you can choose from.
7. Get A Hammock – What I like about this tutorial is that is teaches you how you can make a hammock in 5 minutes or so. Summer is all about relaxation.
8. The Spacious Beach Bag Tutorial – I want to make this beach bag as soon as possible. It has room for mostly anything and the awesome thing is that you can shake the sand away if the items that you throw in the bag have a little sand on them.
9. No More Cellulite – This is such a useful tutorial for many ladies out there who long for the perfect summer body.
10. An Efficient Summer Trick – Freeze some aloe vera cubes to soothe the sunburns in case you forget your SPF.
11. Kids Will Love This Summer Idea! – Kids enjoy little inflatable pools. They also like bubbles and this summer idea seems pretty inspired.
12. Detox Recipe – If you want to look and feel great you might want to consider this detox recipe. I have tried it and it seems very efficient.
13. A Little Bit Of Harmless Fun – I am a big fan of gummy bears so I giggled when I stumbled upon this cool recipe. These gummy bears are filled with alcohol and they could be a neat addition to a summer party.
14. A Day At The Beach – I have always wanted to build a sand castle but it never seemed to work for me. This tutorial might help me a lot.
15. Have Fun With Your Kids – It’s time to relax and spend more time with your kid. You can both create some cool kites. The DIY guide seems pretty simple.
16. The Water Gun – This water gun can help you come up with some interesting shooting games in your backyard.
17. Summer Speakers – All I have to say is: I want those speakers. This breathtaking DIY tutorial teaches you how to create waterproof speakers.
18. A Summery Torch – Decorate your garden during this summer using this cool DIY tutorial.
19. Spoil Your Cats – If you have cats, you might want to check this project out. It’s such a cute summer idea for cats that is really worth it.
20. Beach Towels – If you’re going at the beach, you’ll need this tutorial. It teaches you how to turn a simple beach towel into a neat organizer.
21. Strike A Pose – Memories are so awesome. Capture the moment and strike a pose that will remind you of your summer holiday.

21 Inspired Ideas For This Summer

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