20 Cute DIY Gifts For Your Boyfriend

When you shop for gifts you always have something special in mind that you want to buy to surprise your friends or your family. But things always get tricky when it’s time to choose a gift for your boyfriend. You already know so much about his hobbies and his tastes and it seems that no gift is good enough for him.

If you plan on surprising your boyfriend and impress him with something that is totally unexpected, the best thing that you can do is personalize a simple thing and engage into a cool DIY project. It’s for a noble cause; you’ll get to see his surprised face and his adorable smile. Here are some ideas that might help you choose something really cool.

1. A Cute Love Story – This DIY gift for your boyfriend might take some time and effort, but it is worth it. You can write the story of your relationship and personalize a simple notebook cover with some doodles or more elaborate drawings. The drawings don’t have to be perfect; just think of an image that means something for both of you.
2. The Inspired Mason Jar – You don’t have to spend a fortune to get a neat present for your boyfriend. Just grab a mason jar, glue a label and write something cute on it and add some pieces of paper that include the reasons why you love your guy. It’s easy, cheap and the message you are sending is perfect.

3. Capture The Moment – Photo strips are never out of date. You must have a lot of photos with you and your boyfriend and why don’t you make a selection of the best photos together and create an awesome photo strip for your man?
4. The Perfect Hideout – If you want to break away from routine, this romantic tent might be the perfect solution for a romantic night. Grab some scented candles, turn off the lights and get in the tent together. Spoil him after a hard day’s work.
5. DIY Mug – What better way to surprise your boyfriend than buy a chalkboard mug and personalize it with a cute message? He’ll get to read your message in the morning while he’s having a cup of coffee.
6. A Personalized Sign – You can pick any funny picture that you like and choose an inspired message to go with it. This funny sign is such an awesome gift for your guy.
7. An Electronic Charging Station – This inspired idea will help your boyfriend keep his gadgets in the same place. His gadgets can be charged without having to stay on the floor.
8. A Sleek Organizer – This elegant handmade organizer can be the perfect gift for a businessman. Your boyfriend will definitely appreciate this posh gift. Especially if his works involves a lot of traveling.
9. A Retro E-Book Cover – Wow, this is such an amazing DIY tutorial. If your boyfriend is a voracious reader, he’ll love this gift. Make sure to pick the cover of his favorite book.
10. The Versatile Envelope Case – This envelope case looks so stylish and it can serve as a phone case or a glasses case.
11. V Day Surprise Egg – Surprise your boyfriend with a sweet chocolate covered love message by personalizing a Kinder Surprise Egg just for him.
12. A Cool Tie – Give him something that he’ll actually wear. A tie is such an important accessory for a man.
13. An Awesome Belt – If your guy is a badass, he’ll love this belt. It’s such a cool gift and I think I’ll give it a go, too.
14. A Peculiar Soap Dispenser – This DIY tutorial might seem a little bit cocky, but any man would love such an interesting soap dispenser.
15. DIY Messenger Bag – Any man would appreciate such a cool messenger bag. You can upcycle some jeans or cargo pants and create this splendid messenger bag.
16. Wooden Necklaces – Guys wear accessories, too. These hip necklaces are very inspired and maybe you can follow the tutorial and come up with a cool necklace for your guy.
17. Help Him Out A Bit – Sometimes guys don’t know a thing about interior design. Make him a present that he can’t resist. This simple DIY tutorial can teach you a thing or two.
18. DIY Canvas Silhouettes – This is such a creative tutorial. If your man is a dog lover you can paint him a dog silhouette on canvas. If he is more of a cat person, you can search some beautiful cat silhouette patterns on the internet. Either way, he’ll adore your gift.
19. 365 Reasons…Or More – Write the reasons why you love your boyfriend on colored pieces of paper, then fold them and put them in a treasure chest or in a box. He should read one reason a day and he’ll smile each time he does so.
20. The Comic Book Lover – If you sweetheart collects comic books (mine certainly does) you can surprise him with these coal coasters.

20 Cute DIY Gifts For Your Boyfriend

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