10 Useful DIY Cleaning Tips

I try to stay organized but it is kind of hard to go to work, to exercise, to cook and to clean the house. I like to divide the chores with my boyfriend so we can enjoy each other’s company, have a clean house and have some free time left.

I wanted to find different cleaning tips that will help me clean the house using natural ingredients that don’t damage my skin in any way and I also looked for some solutions that would help me get the job done fast. Here is what I’ve found:

1. Best Way To Clean Smelly Towels – This recipe is based on natural ingredients. I have to say that it actually works wonders; I have tried it, too on numerous occasions.
2. Get Rid Of Scratches On Your Wood Furniture – This is one fabulous trick that will never cease to be useful. This tutorial shows you how you can fix any scratches on your wood furniture.
3. How To Clean Every Room In The House – There is a personalized recipe for every room in the house. I found these cleaning tips quite useful.

4. How To Clean The Shower And The Tub – This is a fast DIY tutorial that I am fond of. I`ve always seemed to have trouble getting the tub and shower cleaned. Well, not anymore.
5. A Cool Window Cleaner – This window cleaner is so efficient that it doesn’t even require intensive scrubbing or wiping.
6. An Interesting Fan Duster – This may be an unusual fan duster, but it actually works. Use a pillowcase to clean your fan.
7. How You Can Remove Hard Water – Vinegar is an essential natural ingredient that is underrated. Use it to get rid of the hard water on the faucets.
8. Clean The Stove Burners – This is a cool way to have impeccable stove burners. It is a great cleaning tip.
9. DIY Homemade Disinfecting Wipes – This is yet another useful tutorial that teaches you how you can make your own disinfecting wipes.
10. DIY Cleaner – I want to try this tutorial out because most of the cleaners that I buy aren’t that efficient.

10 Useful DIY Cleaning Tips

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